What is the Average Number of Water Rescue Incidents Responded to by the Howard County Fire Department?

The Howard County Fire Department and Rescue Services (HCDFRS) responds to an average of 20 or more water rescue incidents each year. These calls can range from quick rescues in the water, drownings, and reserves for potential jumpers off bridges or dams, to ships in danger, vehicles in the water, medical emergencies on the coast, brush fires on the coast, and helping the police recover stolen items. The Office of Emergency Management Command of the Fire Department & Rescue Services is responsible for planning, preparing, and responding to emergency management throughout the county. Becoming an apprentice firefighter with HCDFRS has many rewards, both financial and personal.

CAL FIRE uses weather observations to calculate fire hazard throughout the day and allocate appropriate levels of resources to incidents. During a serious incident, such as in a national forest, you will be required to register at the base camp and be equipped with flame-resistant equipment. The department is statutorily responsible for the administration of county affairs in the areas of fire extinguishing and prevention, fire training, fire investigation, rescue services, and emergency medical services. On August 23, 2003, the acting captain of the SBC, Howard Orr, came into contact with a power line that fell in a fire in the vegetation. The Howard County Fire and Rescue Department offers tuition reimbursement at any accredited university of your choice.

Embracing and celebrating diversity has been one of the reasons why residents of Howard County enjoy a high quality of life. In addition, CAL FIRE has 21 portable RAWS that are used to monitor weather conditions in cases of emergency and during burn control. Depending on other fire activities in the region, requests through South Ops will be methodically sent to departments and counties closest to the fire to comply with. Howard County Fire & Rescue is looking for professional, dedicated and enthusiastic men and women who value the importance of serving their community. By joining HCDFRS you can make a difference in your community while gaining valuable experience.

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