Ensuring Safety and Compliance with the Howard County Fire Department

The Howard County Fire Department is a full-service agency that is comprised of around 600 dedicated men and women, responsible for providing a safe environment for citizens and visitors through public education, the application of fire codes, and the deployment of efficient emergency response resources. To ensure safety and compliance with regulations and standards, the department regularly reviews its operational plans. The department may authorize local governments to administer erosion and sediment control programs to inspect and enforce active construction in their jurisdictions. This list of delegated jurisdictions can be consulted to see if an area is covered by the department's enforcement authority.

The Fire Safety Mobile Home is also used as an educational tool. The mission of the Fire Chiefs Division of the Howard County Fire Department is to provide citizens and visitors with the highest level of fire prevention using the standards and guidelines established in the Michigan Building Code, the Municipal Ordinance, and the NFPA. This includes conducting fire prevention inspections, code enforcement, plan review, research, and public education with outstanding quality customer service. The department began offering specialized treatment and ambulance transportation services in 1972. Their mission was to provide citizens and visitors with compassionate and professional emergency medical care.

Delegated Authority

The department may grant local governments permission to manage erosion and sediment control programs to inspect and enforce active construction in their jurisdictions. A list of major field modifications that require approval from a Soil Conservation District must be maintained by the authority. Minor modifications may be made in the field with the supervision of an inspector representing the delegated authority.

Fire Department Training

Fire Department training is designed to improve the capacity of first responders who provide emergency services to citizens and visitors in Michigan.

Candidates must appear before an oral interview board composed of representatives from the Fire and Human Resources Department. After selection by the Executive Fire Commissioner, they will be appointed to the Detroit Fire Department Training Academy.

Planning & Exams

The Plans and Exams section of the Howard County Fire Department is responsible for analyzing all aspects of human safety and fire protection related to new construction, change of use, and major renovation of communications. This includes ensuring compliance with Maryland's sediment control laws and regulations (environmental article, title 4, subtitle). In addition to local processes for approving erosion and sediment control plans and any local grading and construction codes, it is recommended that you also contact your local jurisdiction.

A model ordinance can be used to draft a new or amended ordinance for approval by the Department.

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