Howard County Fire Department: Responding to 500 Calls Per Day

The Howard County Fire and Rescue Department is a professional and volunteer fire station that serves one of the largest counties in Maryland. As a third-generation firefighter, it was an honor for me to be named Howard County Fire Chief last year. Any communications office in the city can answer an emergency or emergency telephone call from any district and, once the collection of information is complete, the Starfire computer will automatically send the incident to the decision dispatcher (DD) of the district where the incident is reported. If a mailing address is also provided to the dispatchers, the responding device will receive this information at the fire station, by air and through its mobile data terminals on the platforms, in addition to the cash number.

If a street fire alarm box from the Emergency Notification System (ERS) is not answered within 60 seconds, usually because all the alarm receiving consoles are in use, the computer automatically sends an engine company to the location of the physical street fire alarm box. The ARD questions the caller for the pertinent information and processes it in the Starfire computer system, which generates an incident and provides a resource response recommended by the fire department based on the information provided. The New York City Fire Department uses a ten-code radio signal system, in addition to an internal one that includes bell codes (whose origin dates back to the days when encoded telegraph signals were sent through a closed, wired system within the Department) to transmit and transmit information related to emergency communications and general operations of the Department. In addition to responding to types of buildings that range from single-family wood-framed homes to high-rise buildings, there are many isolated bridges and tunnels, the New York City subway system, as well as large parks and wooded areas that can cause wildfires. However, a medical call requiring the assistance of fire units trained in first aid will cause that request to be sent electronically to the appropriate central fire alarm office, so that appropriate personnel and equipment can be assigned to it. Nine volunteer fire companies remain in New York City and answer calls in their neighborhood, in addition to FDNY units. The Howard County Fire Department offers tuition reimbursement at any accredited university of your choice.

So how many calls does this department respond to on average each day?

The answer depends on several factors such as location, time of year, weather conditions, etc.

Generally speaking, however, Howard County Fire Department responds to around 500 calls per day. This includes medical emergencies, fires, hazardous materials incidents, rescues and other types of emergencies. The department also responds to non-emergency calls such as public service requests or requests for assistance with smoke detectors or carbon monoxide detectors. These calls are typically handled by volunteer firefighters who are trained in these areas. The Howard County Fire Department is committed to providing quality service and responding quickly and efficiently to all types of emergencies. They are dedicated to protecting lives and property in their community and strive to provide excellent customer service.

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